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Singapore visa
Singapore Visa

Lion City, Garden Cityand the Little Rod City are the names by which Singapore is known throughout the world.

A global commercial, financial and transportation hub, this sovereign city-state in Southeast Asia is the most attractive and fascinating place to visit. Though officially being a city, it is also referred to as a country.

This city has given a wonderful example of rising from the dust and achieving notable progress and hence is the inspiration to the entire world.

It ranks 3rd in terms of GDP per capita and is immensely developed in the spheres of education, healthcare, public safety, infrastructure and quality of life. Singapore is one of the five founding members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Many tourists visit the city for spending memorable vacation and it is also a desirable place to migrate for many individuals around the world.

Singapore Visa Requirement

Passport holders of the countries which are not included in the aforementioned list can visit Singapore without a visa and stay for up to 30 or 90 days depending on their nationality

Their stay period is explained clearly as below:

Nationals of India, Bangladesh, Jordan, and Tunisiaholding official and diplomatic passports can enter Singapore without a visa

And nationals of Saudi Arabia and Morocco holding diplomatic passports can also enter Singapore without a visa.

Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF)

1. Nationals of Assessment Level I and II countries can transit through Singapore without a visa if they meet the following eligibility criteria.

2. Indian nationals can avail the VFTF for 96 hours based on the following conditions.

They must be travelling to or from third country through air.

They must transit only once in the journey i.e. during either forward journey or return journey.

Have a valid air ticket to continue the journey within the next 96 hours.

Hold a visa or a long-term pass, which has a validity of at least 1 month from the date of entry into Singapore and this visa or pass should have been issued by any of the following countries:

Holders of single journey visa (SJV) issued by the above listed countries can also transit through Singapore during either forward or return journey but if they are transiting during the return journey (i.e. after utilizing SJV), they have to comply with the following:

3. Nationals of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Georgia, Turkmenistan and Ukraine can also avail VFTF both during forward and return journey based on the following conditions.

These people can enter into Singapore through any mode of transport but departing from the city should be through air.

How to applySingapore Visa?

You can apply for a visa through authorised visa agents located in your country of residence or else yoursponsor living in Singapore can apply on your behalf.

However, certain conditions differ according to applicant’s nationality, which are stated as below.

1) If you have the ordinary passport or travel document issued by any of the countries included in Assessment Level I list, you would usually be granted the visa in 1 working day. And you can enter into Singapore with the printout of the e-visa.

2) If you have the passport or travel document issued by any of the countries included in the Assessment Level II list, you would usually be granted the visa within 5 to 7 working days. And it is necessary to get the visa vignette affixed on your passport.


Additional documents may also be required depending on your purpose of visit such as letter of guarantee, university enrollment letter, employment offer, company invitation letter etc.

On Arrival in Singapore

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority i.e. ICA is responsible for immigration and visa requirements. While entering into the country with a valid visa, the officers of this department check all the documents and issue a suitable pass at the point of entry.

This pass contains the stay period granted to you which may differ from the visa validity period.

If they do not consider it as appropriate, they may not issue a pass to foreigners and restrict them from entering into Singapore.

Pass Types

You are granted the pass as per your motive of stay in Singapore and hence there are various types of passes. However, few of the main types are listed as below:

Social Visit Pass – For tourism, meeting family members, attending conference, seminar etc

Employment Pass (EP) – For working in business firms

Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) – For executives and professionals

S Pass – For technicians working at mid level

Work Permit (WP) – For unskilled workers

Dependant’s Pass – For dependants of Singaporean residents

The above types of visas can be sub-classified depending on the individual objectives and circumstances.

Disembarkation / Embarkation Card (D/E Card)

Any foreigner entering into Singapore need to show the D/E card duly filled with all details to the ICA officer at the entry check point.

You can get this card from the airlines, bus companies, ferry operators and travel agents and complete it. It is free-of-charge.

The stay period granted by the officers is stamped upon both the sides of the card. While entering, the disembarkation portion is kept by these officers and embarkation portion is returned to you. This portion has to be returned while leaving the city.

Extension of stay

Individuals with short term social visit pass can apply for an extension of stay period but they must fulfil the following criteria.

Important Note

If you have been in the country which has been identified as Yellow Fever Infected Area during the previous 6 days of entering into Singapore, you must get yourself vaccinated against it and obtain the International Certificate of Vaccination for yellow fever. This has to be presented to the ICA officers at the entry point.

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