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Pre And Post Landing Services

We believe in delivering over and above expectations in order to give our customers a supreme experience. And to achieve this, we pay attention to every minute detail to ensure that you receive utmost satisfaction, convenience, comfort and pleasure.

Thus, we prepare the chart for all the needs that may arise when you avail Visa/Travel service from us. And make arrangements for all those needs by co-coordinating with third-parties or external parties.

Following are mentioned pre landing and post landing services we provide to our customers who avail our travel services and visa services from us.


Following are mentioned pre landing and post landing facilities for our customers who avail visa services from us.

         1. Ticket: We can book the flight ticket for you once you get your visa. Since we deal in ticket booking, we can get the best deal for you.

         2. Familiarize: We provide you with the relevant information about the culture, festivals, rules and regulations, etiquettes and all other essential information about the country for which you have obtained a visa. This is to ensure that you do not face much difficulty in getting accustomed to the new place and people.

             If you have availed student visa, we educate you about all the part-time job opportunities which you can take in that city.

             We also inform you about the tourist spots and shopping malls in that city and the available modes of transport.

         3. Cab service: We can book the cab for you that can pick you up from your home and take you to the airport from which your flight would take off.


         1. Cab service: For going from the airport at which your flight landed to your pre-arranged accommodation, you would need a cab. We would arrange the same for you.

         2. Essentials: We can provide necessary assistance for essential requirements in the foreign country such as acquiring social security card, driving license, registering for health benefits, opening a bank account and obtaining a debit or credit card.

             We introduce you with the regional bank representatives. In case you want to change your place of accommodation in the future, we can introduce you with the real estate agents (realtors).

         3. Guidance: For those, who want to visit overseas in order to set up business, we can guide you by providing you with the latest and reliable information about suitable business location, investment policies and rules applicable in that specific country and authorities you need to meet over there for achieving your objective.

             If you are migrating along with your family members, we provide necessary information regarding suitable schools and admission procedure for your kids.

         4. Support: Whenever you get stuck with any matter or face any issue in the foreign country, you can contact us immediately and we would provide the most effective solution for your problems. Thus, even if we would not be present there physically, we would make things smooth for you so that you can live comfortably.


Following are mentioned the pre landing and post landing facilities for our customers who avail travel services from us.

Place A: In the details contained below, the term “Place A” stand for the place from where your journey would begin, for example, Airport, Railway Station or any other place.

Place B: In the details contained below, the term “Place B” stands for the place at which you would land on reaching your destination, for example, Airport, Railway Station or any other place.

         1. Alerts: We send you the reminder a day before your journey and also on the day of journey so that you can reach the Place A on time and do not miss your scheduled flight or train. We also remind you to keep your travel documents such as passport, ticket and ID card safely and in an easily accessible place in your luggage.

         2. Cab service: We book cab/cabs for as many passengers as you want to pick you up from home or any other place you mention and drop at the Place A. We have arrangements for modern and high quality fleet of vehicles so that you feel comfortable while travelling and your luggage also gets placed properly. Our dedicated chauffeurs provide you with all the required support.


         1. Cab service: If you want cab/cabs to take you from Place B to the hotel or any other accommodation where you have made a booking or any other place, we can arrange the same for you, even if we do not have a working presence or operations in that city.

             Not only this but if you want cab service for reaching Place B from the hotel, while returning from the trip, we can book that as well. We make sure that an appropriate vehicle of modern facilities is booked for you.

         2. Delays: If by any chance, your mode of transport i.e. your flight or train reaches late at the destination than the scheduled time, you can inform us during your journey and we would send the cab accordingly for you.

         3. Changes: If you feel during your trip that you want to spend some extra days to explore more of the city or visit nearby cities, just inform us and we would make the required changes in your booking for the return and can even make arrangements for visiting the other cities and staying there.

         4. Support: If you experience dissatisfaction with the services availed through us, for example, hotel stay, you can contact us and we would do our best to solve your problem. If any point of time during your trip, you face difficulty regarding local food, transportation or any other thing, get in touch with us and we would help you in the best way possible.

         5. Alerts: We send you the reminder a day before you are supposed to return from your trip so that you can plan your schedule accordingly for proper packing and reaching to the Place B. We also remind you to keep all your travel documents such as passport, ticket and ID card safely and in an easily accessible place in your luggage.

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