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New Zealand Specific Purpose Work Visa

New Zealand, a distinct nation, is a land of opportunities for many. With new fields and areas opening up, new job roles and responsibilities have also come into the picture.

In this era of globalization, conducting business worldwide is a profitable option for everyone and hence people need to migrate to other countries sometimes thousands of miles away from their home country to carry out their activities and accomplish their goals.

Many individuals – businessmen, top level executives, artists, sports person, technicians and others need to travel to New Zealand on temporary basis i.e. a pre-decided period of time for fulfilling their objectives.

To serve the need of the people mentioned above, Specific Purpose Work Visa has been planned by the government of New Zealand.

Who can apply?

It is essential to fulfil the following eligibility criteria to apply for this visa.

 Primary
 Secondary
Visa Application

You need to submit an application with the supporting valid documents.


The documents generally required are:

Job Offer letter (Employment offer)
Detailed list of specific purposes or events applicable under this visa

Shown below is the list of reasons for which one can be considered as eligible to apply for Specific Purpose Work Visa. Also mentioned is the maximum duration for which you can stay in New Zealand in different cases.

         1. Senior or specialist business people :All those who are on short-term secondments either in a large New Zealand company or in a New Zealand subsidiary of the overseas company. Here, the visa is granted for a stay up to 12 months.

         2. High level personnel: All those who work at high level positions such as senior manager or specialist officer in the multinational company and are transferred from their previous country to New Zealand can apply for this visa. Here, the visa is granted for a stay up to 3 years.

         3. Entrepreneurs and other business people: All those who can show that they have a genuine reason to stay for more than 3 months a year in New Zealand.

         4. Business investors:All those who have applied for residence application for conducting business or making investments in New Zealand can apply for this visa in order to examine investment opportunities in the country. The period of stay is up to 12 months.

         5. Sports referees or judges of show, display or exhibition: The applicants in this case can be granted visa up to 6 months but they should have a written invitation for doing this work. Here, visa can be granted for up to 6 months.

         6. Music and dance examiners:All those who work with internationally recognized teaching institutions and are invited to conduct music and dance exams in New Zealand. The applicants need to show the written invitation of employment offer. The maximum stay period is up to 6 months.

         7. Installation, repairs or servicing of specialized machinery or equipments: Here, applicants need to show that such installation or servicing was included in the purchase agreement and agreed upon by the purchaser. The visa is granted for a period of maximum 3 months.

         8. Sports players and professional coaches: The applicants must submit the valid employment offer provided by the sports club. The maximum stay period is 12 months whereas it is 3 years for applicants who would be working at regional or national level.

         9. Philippines nurses: Nurses from Philippines who want to come to New Zealand for having occupational registration can apply for this visa. The visa is granted for a period of maximum 3 months.

         10. Others :If your purpose does not fit in the above cases but if you can prove that you have the skills and expertise to carry out a specific task in New Zealand, which would be beneficial for the country, you can apply for this visa. Here, duration of stay depends on your purpose but usually, it does not exceed six months.

Special requirements:

         1. Employer :You cannot work with any other employer, if you are in New Zealand, through this visa. You need to work only with the employer mentioned in your application, for which you had shown the employment offer.

         2. Location :You need to work only in the location, mentioned in your visa application.

         3. Return :You need to prove to the authorities that you would return to your home country after the completion of your motive. For that, either you should buy a return ticket in advance and show it as a proof or show that you have enough funds to buy one, when you would have to return.

         4. Reissue :If you need to stay for more time than allowed in your visa, you can apply for another Specific Purpose Work Visa

         5. Travel :If you want to travel to and from New Zealand, you need to have multiple entry travel conditions in the visa granted to you.

         6. Family : You cannot include anyone else in your visa application.

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