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Geographically an island – New Zealand is one of the well-developed nations of the world. Whenever one thinks about New Zealand or hear about it, the bright colours of Blue and Red come to their mind as these are the colours of its national flag.

Widely known for its cricket team and kiwis, New Zealand has many more feathers to its crown such as unique biodiversity, peculiar climatic conditions, favourable government policies and high standard of living.

Over the years, the country has progressed a lot and has become one of the most desirable destinations for migration.

That’s why many individuals apply for immigration to this colourful country every year, with the hope to fulfil their dreams.

Inhabitants in the country are from diverse backgrounds and follow different religions but observe peace and mutual understanding. This factor leads to encourage other aspiring migrants as well.

The New Zealand government has different visa categories, which are suitable for different categories of migrating people.

One such category is “Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa”.

What is it?

  As the name suggests, this visa is for individuals who possess skills and experience for efficiently carrying out the responsibilities assigned to them in their employment in New Zealand. The candidates should be below 55 years of age. If selected, the visa is for an indefinite period of stay.

Who can apply?

  All those who are either currently in the skilled employment in New Zealand or want to be in the skilled employment in the country can apply for this visa. But they should have relevant knowledge, skills and experience.


  The following eligibility criterion has to be fulfilled in order to apply for this visa.

        1. Age: You must be under 55 years of age at the time of applying.

        2. Education: You must be having the required qualifications to perform your job.

        3. Skills: You must be equipped with the skills required to perform your job.

        4. Experience: You must have experience in the type of job, you are seeking employment.

        5. Language proficiency: You need to prove that you meet the minimum requirement of English language capability through the result of an English language test.

        6. Health: You must get your chest x-ray and a medical examination done to show that you are in a healthy condition.

        7. Character: You need to obtain the police certificate if your age is above 17 years to prove that you possess good character and do not have a criminal background.

How to apply?

You have to follow the procedure mentioned below:

     1. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

     2. Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA)


The documents generally required are as below:

You also need to submit the following documents:

Visa Application

Once you are selected, you are granted the visa for living indefinitely in New Zealand with the following benefits:

Benefits of Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa

You can include your partner and dependent children up to the age of 24 in your visa application.

Certain important points to be considered

   1. Travel after 2 years:

      Your travel conditions would expire after the completion of 2 years from the day, you arrived in the country with this visa. And hence, if you want to travel to and from New Zealand after 2 years, you need to take one of the following two steps:

         1) Apply for a Permanent Resident Visa

         2) Apply for a variation of your travel conditions.

   2. Financial condition:

      It is very important to convince the authorities that you are financially capable of taking care of yourself and your dependants if they are accompanying you, through documents such as bank statements, tax returns, investment certificates.

   3. Language test results:

      The language test results remain valid only for two years. Hence, your test results should be less than two years old when you complete your application for Residence.

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