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New Zealand Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa

Searching a job in a foreign land is not easy and that’s why most of the aspiring immigrants start looking for a job in advance i.e. before initiating the visa application process.

In such cases, having a relative or a friend who is already living in the destination country comes as a great help to us. But, it is not necessary that everyone has this privilege. And therefore, some visa categories are made by giving consideration to such aspects.

New Zealand, which has ample opportunities for knowledgeable skilled, and talented individuals invites people across the world so that the latter can sharpen their skills, enrich their knowledge, build their career and contribute to the growth of the economy.

The government of New Zealand has designed various kinds of visa categories to encourage immigrants and for the smooth immigration process. This has also led to the betterment of international relations.

To solve the problem as mentioned above, New Zealand government and immigration department have introduced a visa type known as “Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa”. This visa is for young people who want to work with a skilled employment in the New Zealand for a long period of time.

Who can apply?

Candidates, who are aged between 20 and 35 inclusive and possess desired qualifications and skills to perform the job, they want to indulge into in New Zealand, can apply for this visa. On getting the visa, they need to arrive in New Zealand and search for the relevant job.

When to apply?

This visa remains valid for 9 months from the day you arrive in New Zealand.


      1. Age:Your age must be between 20 and 35 inclusive.

      2. Location:You should be staying out of New Zealand at the time of applying.

      3. Genuineness:You need to convince the authorities that you are willing to find long-term employment in New Zealand.

      4. Qualification:You need to prove that you have either a qualification, which can be considered as an equivalent to a New Zealand’s bachelor degree (or higher than that) or a trade certificate for your skills with at least 2 years of experience in that trade.

      5. English language proficiency:You need to prove that you are equipped with knowledge in English language and can communicate in the same very well. This is certified through an IELTS test in which you must obtain minimum 6.5 score.

      6. Health:You need to present the valid medical certificate showing that you have sound health. For this, you need to undergo various medical tests.

      7. Character:You need to show that you possess good character, which is certified by a police clearance certificate.

      8. Financial condition:You need to prove that you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay in New Zealand and also for purchasing return ticket through bank account statements and other documents.

      9. No repeat:This visa is granted only once to any candidate and hence if you have availed the same in the past, you cannot apply for it again.

Occupational registration

If your employment falls under the category, for which occupational registration is required in New Zealand, you need to get the same.

Visa Application

You need to apply through online mode for this visa after the opening of registrations and before the ending date of registrations. You need to furnish all the relevant documents with your application.

What happens after approval of Visa?

After you receive the visa, you need to come to New Zealand within 6 months.

Benefits of Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa

      1. During the validity of this visa i.e. 9 months, you can live in New Zealand and search for the skilled employment, you wish to pursue.

      2. Study for up to 3 months in New Zealand.

      3. If you succeed in landing the right job, you can apply for a Silver Fern Practical Experience visa/permit, which allows you to work in the same employment for up to 2 years.

      4. If you succeed in finding long-term skilled employment, you can apply for residence under New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category.

      5. You can work with any employer and carry on any occupation in New Zealand.

Certain important points to be considered

      1. Qualification:In order to meet the benchmark of desirable qualification, you need to get the assessment of your qualifications done by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). You need to present either an International Qualification Assessment or a Qualifications Assessment Report to the authorities for easy decision-making.

      2. Family:You cannot include anyone else in your visa application.

      3. Entry permission:You need to apply for entry permission, once you arrive in New Zealand.

      4. Travel:You can travel to and from New Zealand for multiple times until the expiration of your visa.

      5. Return:You must return to your home country before your visa expires.

This category of visa is for highly skilled individuals and has become quite popular, due to which places get filled up in few days every year.

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