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New Zealand Business Visitor Visa

According to the “Doing Business Survey”, conducted by the World Bank in the year 2016, New Zealand is the easiest country in the world to do business.

With the three basic structures of business being followed which are Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm and Limited Liability Company, entrepreneurs and managers in New Zealand have high scope for learning and growth.

With well-formulated and transparent policies of government in regards to running business entity, starting a business, registering it and managing it is indeed very hassle-free. There are some strict rules though but they are necessary to avoid any fraudulent activities.

With the growth in all the sectors and technological advancement of most of the industries, New Zealand has created a unique place for itself in the world economy.

The people of this country love to relax and enjoy but when they are working, it is a serious business as they show a high level of commitment. In the recent years, innovation has taken prominence in many fields leading to the introduction of new goods and services.

In the past few years, huge emphasis has been laid on growth in businesses by the government and ministries of New Zealand. And as a result of this, people are driven to give excellent results and this, in turn, has made the country a hot spot for international businessmen and investors.

Being a good avenue for business, many businessmen from different parts of the world come to New Zealand for exploring new possibilities. That’s why government of New Zealand has different categories of visa for the business community, depending on the nature of the activities, purpose of visit and the duration of intended stay.

One of the business visas is a Business visitor visa. As the name suggests, this visa is made for the individuals who want to arrive in New Zealand for attaining some business-related objectives for a short period of time. This visa allows individuals to live in New Zealand for up to 3 months.

Businessmen who avail this visa and complete their work within 3 months can explore the culture, beauty, cuisine, traditions, festivals, literature, adventures and entertainment of New Zealand and take wonderful memories with them.

Who can apply?

As mentioned above, businessmen who want to fulfil any of the following motives can apply for this visa.


Following eligibility criteria has to be complied with in order to apply for Business Visitor Visa.

         1. Purpose of visit: You need to show the purpose of your visit and it should fall under the acceptable reasons for which this visa is granted.

         2. Health: You have to undergo the medical examination and get the valid medical certificate as well as chest X-ray report to prove that you are healthy. (You may not need a chest X-ray certificate if you are from the country included in New Zealand’s list of “low TB risk countries”.

         3. Character: You need to obtain the police clearance to prove that you have good character and moral values.

Important information
Visa Application

You need to submit your application either offline or online as the case may be, along with the relevant valid documents.

Visa Application

You need to submit your application either offline or online as the case may be, along with the relevant valid documents.


You also need to submit the valid proof showing your authenticity of visit i.e. reason for which you need to visit New Zealand.

If you are granted this visa, you would get the following benefits:

Benefits of Business Visitor Visa

    1. Stay in New Zealand for a period of 3 months.

    2. Study in New Zealand for 3 months.

Certain important points to be considered

1. Family:You can include your partner and dependent children in your visa application.

2. Entry permission:You need to apply for entry permission, once you have landed in New Zealand. It is very essential so you must do it.

3. Return:You have to convince the authorities that you would return to your home country before the expiration of your visa. You also need to show that you have a return ticket and if you do not have one, you own sufficient funds to buy one for the date of returning. If you are travelling through a sponsorship, you have to state the same to the authorities.

4. Financial condition:You need to prove that you are financially capable of supporting yourself and your family members, if they are accompanying you while living in the New Zealand. And in case, you have a sponsor from New Zealand, you need to submit the duly filled sponsorship form.

5. Travel:If you want to travel to and from New Zealand, you need to have “multiple entry travel conditions” on your visa.

6. Work:While staying in New Zealand through this visa, you cannot do any kind of work other than the one mentioned in your application and for which the visa is approved.

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