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India visa
India Visa

Known in the world for its rubber production, Malaysia is the country whose ancient history and age-old traditions still have a strong presence in various aspects of life of the people living here.

Ranking 7th in the world in terms of total area and 2nd in terms of population, this country is home to people with different cultures, traditions, religions, castes, languages and preferences.

On the foundation of deep roots, India has emerged as the leading superpower among other nations and has a strong influence on major global policies and practices.

The immigration trend and tourism have immensely increased in the country in the recent few years due to the development in the fields of education, employment, infrastructure and entertainment. Students, job-seekers, professionals, researchers and tourists from across the globe come to India to explore new opportunities and experience spirituality and Indian cuisine.

India Visa Exemptions

If nationals of Nepal and Bhutan arrive in India from their respective countries, they do not need a passport and visa. But if they are travelling from any other place, they should have their passport with them. All other foreign nationals must have a valid visa in order to visit India.

Citizens of Maldives can stay in India for up to 90 days without visa for the purpose of tourism.But they should not be arriving from mainland China. This stay period includes a prior stay period during a period of 6 months immediately preceding the date of their entry into India.

Nationals belonging to any of the countries mentioned in the specific pre-defined list and having a diplomatic or official passport can enter the country without a visa.

Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)

Individuals having Life Long Indian "U" Visa Sticker affixed on their old passports can enter into India even if they are nationals of any other country at present except that of Pakistan and Bangladesh. But they should carry their new passport with them.

Persons of Indian Origin (POI)

Individuals having PIO cards can enter into India on presenting the valid new foreign passport and PIO card to the immigration officers.

Visa Types

Depending on the nationality and purpose and duration of stay, different types of visas are granted to the applicants. They are mentioned as below:

Other visa types classified on the basis of visa availing procedure are mentioned below:

1. Visa on Arrival: Citizens of Japan can avail visa on arrival in the cities of Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai at the designated airports or seaports.

This visa is granted for the purposes of tourism, business, medical treatment and conference and remains valid for 30 days, which cannot be extended. This facility can be used for maximum two times in one calendar year.

2. e-Visa: Citizens of the countries included in the pre-defined list of 129 countries can apply for e-Visa minimum 4 days and maximum 120 days prior to the projected date of arrival.But the applicants should not be of Pakistani origin.

It is granted for the purposes of tourism, business and medical treatment. It can be received within 120 days after applying and cannot be changed to any other type of visa after arriving in the country.

The visa remains valid for 60 days from the date of arrival and is non-extendable.This facility can be used for maximum two times in one calendar year.

Visa holders must arrive at any of the selected 24 airports and 3 seaports. This facility is not available to diplomatic or official passport holders.

How to applyIndia Visa?

Along with the above documents, you also need to submit additional documents with your visa application depending on the specific type of visa you have applied for.

Protected and Restricted Areas

Except for some cases, all foreign nationals coming to Indio are required to register themselves with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) or police station nearest to their region of residence. And Penalty is charged for late registration.

Following are the details for this:

Extension of stay

In order to get your visa or residential permit extended, you need to apply to the immigration authorities at least 60 days before the date of expiration.

Change of status

You cannot change the type of visa after entering into the country.

Important Note

Nationals and travellers arriving from countries which have been identified as Yellow Fever Infected Areas are required to get the vaccination for the yellow fever and carry the vaccination proof with them while entering into India.

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