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We will help you in simplifying your immigration process
When you are planning to kick start a new life in a totally new country, you need someone by your side that have extensive knowledge about the immigration application and law. We can offer you all the information related to non-immigrant or immigrant visas, applications, citizenship and status of other immigration programs. We will navigate you throughout the immigration process and procedures. We have a dedicate team of attorney who will provide you with all the legal advice about immigration laws and advocate your legal claims.

Immigration process and paperwork are notoriously lengthy and it is next to impossible for someone filling them for the first time to complete it correctly. Holding those forms all at once is enough to deject anyone from going all the way through the immigration process. But don’t worry and don’t let the notoriously lengthy paperwork put your plans of kicking start your new life at the new place take the back seat. We have a team of expertise to help you clearly complete all your visa and immigration paperwork and apply for legal status in the country you want.

Time to check the eligibility

  • We offer our customers who are looking to migrate to abroad a technical evaluation.
  • This technical evaluation is a sort of mandatory as it allows our team to be sure if you are actually qualified for immigration and it in returns keeps our rate of success high.
  • Once your evaluation report comes out positive, we will accept your case for further processing.
  • But in any case your evaluation report comes out negative; our experts will give you a gracious report for some another country you are eligible for.
  • Since many countries have their immigration programs which are generally point based and this eligibility report acts as an elaborate document which contains your overall score card.
How we work?
  • The very first stage of your immigration process is to send your profile for an evaluation. And it is highly recommended to proceed only if your evaluation report turns out to be positive.
  • After getting cleared by the evaluation report, we ask you to sign up for our services, after you agree with all our terms and conditions we assign you our best process consultant who will dedicatedly work on your case.
  • Before the final application and paperwork there are many stages involved in filing up your immigration visa. Many immigration programs require French or English language tests or Skills or Education Assessment.
  • Our team of experts will assist and will navigate you through the complete paperwork and process, they will advise about the documents you need and will thoroughly go through your application form before a completed set is finally handed over to you.

We make sure that the immigration paperwork doesn’t turn out difficult for you

Whether you are looking forward to complete green card paperwork, citizenship paperwork, or any type of visa paperwork, we will be there for you till the end to help you out. We have a whole dedicated team who are more than familiar with the forms needed for family visas, fiancé visas, and skilled worker visas, including immigration process and paperwork for adopted children.

Our experts will go through your form any number of times to make sure that you is submitting fully filled and correct forms and that you are carrying all of the required supporting papers and documentation - for instance, the application might require you to attach the birth certificates, the results of a medical exam, police clearances, evaluation form or photocopy of your current passport. On the other hand if you are applying for a spousal or fiancé visa, then you might have to attach the proof of your relationship with your application. Furthermore, apart from you your sponsor might also need to file a petition and show the proof that he or she can support you financially. We will help you collect all the necessary documents before submit your immigration application.

Places we offer immigration -

Currently the following countries offer migration

  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Canada
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong
  • South Africa
Quick checklist before you visit us -

If you are planning to visit us at our office, make sure you check out the quick list that on our website! We look forward to help you with all your immigration counselling needs and requirements. People generally find Immigration law quite overwhelming, but you don’t have to worry as our experienced and accredited staffs are there for you to help you break down the immigration process and find the best options which are available to you.

We recommend people who are planning to visit our office premises to go through our "Quick Checklist". This checklist outlines many basic procedures and will certainly help you collect all necessary information or documents generally required during initial preparations of your case.

Getting yourself familiar with our evaluation procedures and process will no doubt help accelerate your visit and will help our expert team to help out as many people as possible.

  • First of all make sure that you bring with you all essential documents related to THE immigration case. Documents like - copies of applications, passports, and visas. In any case if you do not have any of the documents, don’t worry our team will assist you in that case as well.
  • If you are applying for a spousal or fiancé visa, then you might attach the proof of your relationship with your application and make sure that they accompany you when you visit us.0
  • If you have all the documents and items that we instructed you to gather, you can contact us to get your case ready.

We are there for you to help you at every step of immigration process, advise you on what is needed, making things easy for you.

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