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Canada Visa

The need for visa for the citizens of Canada is the governmental entry restrictions imposed on them by the administrative bodies of other states/counties. From January 1, 2017 the residents of Canada had been granted a visa-free right of entry to 171 territories or regions.

On the other hand a foreign resident willing to visit Canada must have a temporary resident visa. The temporary resident visa is sued from any of the diplomatic missions of Canada located in various nations. The visa is not mandatory for the people who belong to any of the 53 countries who are residents of the same.

Eligibility for Visa Exemptions

Passport holders of the visa exempted countries can stay in Canada not more than six months without holding a visa. In such cases they are required to get hold of an eTA provided their mode of travel is air. Only citizens of US and France inhabiting the Saint Pierre and Miquelon area are barred from eTA.

As of May 1, 2017, the citizens of Bulgaria, Brazil and Romania who possess a Canadian visa in the past 10 years or a valid non-immigrant visa of US can enters Canada without a visa. On the other hand, from June 27, 2017 visa has been made mandatory for the Antigua and Barbuda passport holders in order to transit in Canada.

Visitors are entitled for the visa exemptions only in the following conditions:

The countries which want to be in the category of visa exempted list must satisfy the underneath conditions:

Classification of Canadian Visas

As per the Canadian Government the visa can be categorised on two types Temporary Residents and Canadian Visa. People who are eligible for temporary visa are eligible to conditions such as the tenure of stay and the capability to both study and work in Canada.

The temporary resident visas are of four types:

The Canadian government has launched a program named CAN+ for nationals of certain countries. The residents of the countries who have visited to Canada in the past 10years or a person who holds a valid US visa are eligible for CAN+. In order to apply for CAN+, the applicants must show his/her travel proof to Canada or US along with the financial support documents. This program is accessible at specific Canadian embassies located in certain countries.

Applications of different types of visas in addition to work permits, study permits and other types of formalities can be applied via online mode.

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