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Canada Quebec-selected skilled workers

Having the position of the world’s second largest country by total area and the fourth largest country by land area, Canada is a country where people from different ethnic backgrounds live peacefully and have mutual respect for each other.

The country can be divided into three territories and ten provinces. It is known for efficient and transparent government, standard of living, education and several other aspects. This has led to happiness and prosperity of residents over there.

One of the provinces of Canada is Quebec, which is the largest province by area and second largest province by population. The capital of this province is Quebec City.

The majority of the population in Quebec speak French and it is the official language of the province. The large size of population lives in urban areas in Quebec.

Not only in area and population but the province also leads in terms of economic output and growth due to an abundance of natural resources and availability of human capital. It is known for researches and progress in medicine, aerospace, information technology and other such advanced sectors.

Looking at the multiple advantages of living in this province, many people from different parts of the world wish to migrate to Quebec. But for that, one has to qualify as a Quebec-selected skilled worker as per the rules of the province under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Launched in January 2016, this is Quebec’s own immigration selection program, with different eligibility criteria and separate rules and regulations. And so, whoever wants to work and settle in Quebec has to apply accordingly.

The provincial government is very strict in terms of skills, experience, adaptability and economic stability of the candidates. They seek out for the candidates who can establish themselves very well over there.

Who can apply?

Immigrants who wish to migrate to any of the cities in Quebec and think that they can establish themselves economically over there, can apply for this permanent residence through this program.

Eligibility criteria

In order to avail certificate of selection (CSQ), you need to obtain good scores under the Quebec Immigration selection system.

A single (unmarried) applicant should score at least 50 points and an applicant who has included spouse or common-law partner in their application need to score at least 59 points.

The various selection factors considered for rewarding points, along with the maximum points one can score against them are mentioned as below:

1) Education: 14 points

2) Skills (Field): 12 points

3) Work experience: 8 points

4) Validated employment offer: 10 points

5) Age: 16 points

6) Language proficiency: 22 points

7) Stay and family in Quebec: 8 points

Spouse/common-law partner factors: 17 points

Presence/absence of accompanying children: 8 points

Financial condition: 1 point

How to apply under this program?
1. Apply for Certificate of Selection. The following steps are to be followed:

1. You need to write the required language test.

2. We will get your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) done.

3. We will create an online profile on Mon projet Quèbec, which is an online system, made for this purpose, by the Quebec government. Fill all the required details in your account and submit the application.

4. Once we would fill all the details, you need to pay the fees. After we have submitted your application, you get the window of 30 days to pay the mandatory fees.

5. Only after the payment of fees, your application is considered for assessment.

6. Now, you would receive the list of documents on your account. You need to send the documents mentioned in the list to the authorities through the mail. You can do this within 90 days of receiving the list.

7. If you are considered as eligible, you would receive CSQ and an application package. This package contains all the forms, which are necessary to apply for Permanent Residence with Canadian government. You have to fill the forms via online mode and then take the printout of the same.

8. Now, you have to mail this printout along with CSQ, documents and fees to the immigration authorities.

9. Fees are to be paid for processing of visa application as well as for the medical exam and police verification for yourself and your family members, if they are accompanying you. You can send the fees by mail along with the application form or you can pay it online as well, while submitting the form.

10. You should get your medical check-up and police verification done. If your family members are accompanying you, you need to get both these things done for them as well.

Benefits of Skilled Nominated Visa

1. You can live, work and study in Quebec for a period of 2 years.

2. You get all the health benefits, which are availed by other Quebec citizens.

3. After completion of 2 years, you can move to any other region in Canada.

4. You can sponsor your relatives for permanent residence.

5. You can apply for Canadian citizenship after living for 3 years in Canada.

Certain important points to be considered

The language test results remain valid only for two years. Hence, your test results should be less than two years old when you complete your application for CSQ as well as Permanent Residence.

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