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Canada Federal skilled workers

The Canadian government has always encouraged talented, skilled, qualified and experienced individuals across the world to study, work and settle in their country.

Along with leading to increase in the number of people with varied skills and capabilities in this country, it is also a great chance for the migrating individuals to enrich their skills, increase their adaptability and achieve new milestones of success in their career and life.

And therefore Canada is the most preferred destination for many around the world to work, with the rising number of migrants every year. Owing to this scenario, a situation of religious harmony has arisen in the country, which has further provided impetus to aspirants for migrating over there.

Also, immigration programs and systems have been developed by the Canadian government to carry out the process in the most systematic manner.

One such program is Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). The migrants selected under this program are referred to as “Federal skilled workers”. Due to the need and importance of skilled and experienced people in the country, this program has become a very popular route for migrating to Canada.

FSWP is meant to bridge the gap between demand of required skills and the availability of the same. By inviting foreigners having numerous skills, the country seeks to accelerate the economic growth.

Who can apply?

All those who possess skills in any of the occupations from the pre-defined list i.e. National Occupational Classification (NOC) in regards to the FSWP have experience in the same and fulfil other requirements can be considered eligible to be selected for this program.

important consideration here is that skilled workers or professionals should not desire to live in Quebec, as a separate category of visa (separate program) applies to this region.

How to apply under this program?

With effect from 1 st January 2015, one cannot apply directly under the program. If anyone perceives himself/herself to be satisfying the eligibility criteria and rules of this program, they are required to create an online profile through the Express Entry System.

Registering and creating a profile is a way to show expression of interest to Canadian government and employers.

All the candidates under this system are first reviewed against eligibility criteria of the following three programs:

1) The Federal Skilled Worker Program,

2) The Federal Skilled Trades Program and

3) The Canadian Experience Class

Those who meet the criteria for any one of the above three programs are placed under an Express Entry pool of candidates.

Then, they are assessed on the basis of various parameters and given ranks under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) out of total 1200 points.

Then from all of them, the following candidates are selected:

1) Those who have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer

2) Those who have a provincial nomination from any of the provincial government

3) Those who have higher ranks

These selected candidates are issued the invitation to apply for permanent residency.

Thus, candidates selected under the Federal Skilled Worker Program can apply for permanent residency on receiving the invitation.

The particular eligibility criterion for getting invited under the Federal Skilled Worker Program is mentioned as below:

Eligibility criteria
1. Skilled occupation/work experience

1) Have one year of continuous full-time paid work experience or equivalent experience in part-time continuous employment in the past 10 years in any of the occupations listed under the National Occupational Classification (NOC). (Internships don’t fall under this).

2) The work experience must be pertaining to Skill Level 0 (Managerial Occupations), Skill Level A (Professional Occupations, which require university education) or Skill Level B (Technical Occupations and Skilled Trades, which require college education or apprenticeship training) as classified under the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

3) You need to prove that you used to carry out most of the main duties listed in the occupational description in the NOC, with reference to your occupation.

2. Language proficiency 3. Funds availability 4. Others

       The six factors on which the points are awarded are as follows:

1. Education: Maximum 25 points can be obtained for your education.

2. Language skills: Minimum 16 and maximum 28 points can be obtained for language skills.

3. Work experience: Minimum 9 and maximum 15 points can be obtained for skilled work experience.

4. Age: Up to 12 points can be obtained for age. Here, age at the time of applying is taken into account.

5. Arranged employment: If you have been able to get the valid job offer, you can get up to 10 points.

6. Adaptability: Several aspects are taken into account to ascertain whether you are adaptable to move to Canada. Few of these aspects can be mentioned as under:

       a) Having a valid job offer

       b) A close relative living in Canada

       c) Applicant or spouse has studied in Canada

       d) Spouse has worked in Canada previously

       e) Spouse knows one of the Canada’s two official languages, English and French.

This model of selection helps to select the right candidates who can get easily settled in Canada and contribute to the country through their services.

Visa Application

If you are found eligible, you would receive an invitation to apply, following which you need to submit an online application for permanent residence as a federal skilled worker.


All the essential documents should support your application.

Certain important points to be considered
1. Language test results: 2. Validity of Express Entry profile:

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