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Australia Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)

For endless work avenues and awesome lifestyle, many people around the world try to set their foot in the beautiful land of Australia.

And the country has opened doors for all those, who wish to work hard and progress in life and hence there are various visa categories, which are formulated very well as per the law.

One such visa type is Skilled Nominated Visa, officially known as, Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190).

What is it?

Well, this is a permanent visa, acquiring which one gets the title and privileges of a “permanent resident” in Australia.

For whom is it?

This kind of visa is useful for individuals, who are skilled workers or professionals. As the name suggests, they have to first obtain nomination by an Australian state or territory government agency, after which they can apply for visa. On getting the visa, they can live and work in Australia.


You need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria in order to apply for this visa.

     1. First and foremost, you must be nominated by an Australian state or territory.

     2. Have an invitation to apply for the visa.

     3. Have an experience in any of the occupations from those mentioned in the list made explicitly for the purpose.

     4. Should take the skills assessment test designed for your chosen occupation.

     5. Score minimum 60 points on the points test.

     6. Age should be less than 50 at the time of receiving an invitation.

     7. Having competency in English language.

     8. Having a sound health; this is confirmed, through a medical examination.

     9. Possess a good character.

How to proceed?

     1. Assure that your occupation is on the defined list of skilled occupations.

     2. Get your skills assessed by designated authorities and obtain the required score. The information regarding assessing authorities is mentioned in the list of eligible skilled occupations.

     3. If you succeed in achieving the required score, the next step is to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), which is a formal declaration of your willingness to work in Australia. This is done through an online platform of SkillSelect.

     This EOI contains:

     Along with EOI, you also need to apply for nomination or sponsorship.

     Your EOI is reviewed by Australian state and territory government agencies and based on various eligibility criteria and other factors, they take their decision.

     On being found as eligible, you are given the invitation to apply (ITA), which contains the score obtained by you and details of your sponsor.

     4. You have the time of 60 calendar days after receiving ITA to apply for the visa.

Look for this:

Equip yourself with the knowledge about different Australian state or territory government agencies regarding the occupations nominated by them and the selection process adopted by them to improve your chances of winning the sponsorship from your desired agency.

Following are some facts about EOI you must be aware of:

     1. They last for 2 years.

     2. Submitting EOI does not involve any kind of cost.

     3. You can be in or out of Australia at the time of submitting an EOI.

     4. Until you receive an invitation, you can make changes to your EOI for correction of mistakes or presenting information about yourself in a more proper way.

Age related points to watch out for:

1. While submitting EOI, you must be under 50 years of age.

2. If your age crosses 50, after submitting an EOI, you cannot receive an invitation to apply for the visa.

3. If your age crosses 50 after receiving an invitation to apply (ITA), you can apply for the visa without any worry.

Points Test:

The points on EOI are awarded on the following factors:

     1) Age

     2) English language, which is determined on the basis of the score, obtained in the IELTS test.

     3) Experience

     4) Qualification

     5) Australian study requirements

     6) Specialist education requirement

     7) Others

Visa Application

Once you receive ITA, you can send an application for a visa and make sure that the information mentioned therein conforms to the information mentioned in the EOI and it should also contain supporting documents. You can apply for the visa through online mode of DIBP.


Make sure to adhere to the following checklist for documents which you need to present along with the visa application.

     1. Personal details in the form of a copy of personal details page of your passport.

     2. Details of skills assessment.

     3. A copy of the English test certificate.

     4. Qualification certificates.

     5. Certificates of work experience.

What happens after approval of visa?
Benefits of Skilled Nominated Visa

This visa allows you to:


There are certain obligations on your part if your visa application gets approved, which are shown underneath.

Certain important points to be considered:

1. Debts: You must not have any outstanding debt towards Australian government. If you had the same previously, it must be repaid before applying.

2. Cancelled visa: If you have ever faced a visa cancellation or non-grant in the past while being in Australia, you might not be eligible to apply.

3. Rejection:If you are not offered ITA, you can update your EOI on gaining new experience or skill set as it remains valid for 2 years.

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