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Australia Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)

Australia, which is known not just for the impeccable beauty, unique climate and kangaroos but also as the rising economy is indeed a land of infinite opportunities and therefore it attracts thousands of migrants every year.

Being the twelfth largest economy of the world, the standard of living in the country is better than most of the countries.

For all those who aspire to brighten up their future by moving to Australia, there are different criteria and visa types, depending on the aspirants.

One of these visa types is Skilled Independent Visa, officially known as Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189). This is an Australian PR Visa.

What is it?

Well, the skilled independent visa is a permanent visa acquiring which one can stay and work forever in Australia.

For whom is it?

This visa is made for skilled workers or professionals who are not sponsored by an employer, a state or territory or a family member. Thus, even if you don’t have any relatives over there, you can still fulfill your dreams. However, you must have an experience in any of the occupations included in the defined Skilled Occupation List (SOL).


       Following is the eligibility criteria for applying for this visa:

              1. Having an invitation from the Australian authorities to apply for the visa.

              2. Be in one of the occupations from the defined list.

              3. Getting the assessment of your skills done by the relevant assessing authority as per the occupation nominated by you.

              4. Score at least 60 points on the points test.

              5. Aged between 18-50 years at the time when an invitation is received.

              6. Having competency in English language.

              7. Having a sound health; this is confirmed through a medical examination.

              8. Possess a good character.

How to proceed?

As mentioned above, you must receive an invitation to apply (ITA) which is possible only after you express your desire to the Australian government and authorities for migrating to this land.

And for doing this, you have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select, which is Australian government’s new online system.

This EOI contains:

Hence, you can submit EOI only after you achieve required score in skills assessment.

What happens after you submit EOI?

Your EOI is reviewed by state and territory governments of Australia as well as Australian employers. Then, it is assessed and given a points score, based on which you get a rank against other applicants. If you get a significantly high rank, you are considered as eligible. And if there are jobs available relevant to your skills, you are invited to apply for the skilled independent visa (subclass 189).

Thus, invitation is given on the fulfillment of following 2 conditions:

              1) Your rank should be quite high.

              2) There should be vacancies for the occupation nominated by you.

The invitation shows the points scored by you and once you receive the same, you need to apply for the visa within 60 calendar days.

Following are some facts about EOI you must be aware of:

              1. They last for 2 years i.e. they remain valid for 2 years.

              2. Submitting EOI does not involve any kind of cost.

              3. You can be in or out of Australia at the time of submitting an EOI.

              4. Until you receive an invitation, you can make changes to your EOI, for correction of mistakes or presenting information about yourself in a better way. You can also add details regarding to new skills or experience gained after submitting an EOI.


The points on EOI are awarded on the following factors:

              1) Age

              2) English language, which is determined on the basis of the score, obtained in the IELTS test.

              3) Experience

              4) Qualification

              5) Australian study requirements

              6) Specialist education requirement

              7) Others

Visa Application

Once you receive ITA, you can send an application for a visa and make sure that the information mentioned therein conforms to the information mentioned in the EOI and it should also contain supporting documents.

What happens after approval of visa?
Benefits of Skilled Independent Visa

This visa allows you to:

Certain important points to be considered:

     1. Debts: You must not have any outstanding debt towards Australian government. If you had the same previously, it must be repaid before applying.

     2. Cancelled visa: If you have ever faced a visa cancellation or non-grant in the past while being in Australia, you might not be eligible to apply.

     3. Rejection: If you are not offered ITA, you can update your EOI on gaining new experience or skill set as it remains valid for 2 years.

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