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Privacy Policy

Please read the various points mentioned in policy to know about the privacy practices adopted by us.

Accessing our website and using our services and facilities implies that you understand and accept the practices mentioned therein.

We hereby declare that we work in adherence to the privacy laws and protect the privacy of your personal information.

To use the services offered by us and utilize the online booking and other facilities on this website, you are required to provide your personal details. And any personal information that you share with us shall be entitled to complete privacy and kept confidential.

And in today’s time of unforeseen emergencies and technical threats, we strive hard to ensure that the privacy of your information is not compromised at all.

What kind of information does the Easy Can Immigration collect?

We may collect and store the following type of personal information about you in a safe and secured manner for the purpose of your application which will be destroyed safely straight after the completion of your application as per the guidelines of various departments-

         1. General

         2. Service-related information

             For availing services from our company and/or online booking on this website, you need to submit information regarding your travel and/or stay preferences such as type of hotel room, cab facility, type of cuisine, any special program such as frequent flyer used or any other special request.

         3. Automatic information

         Some kind of information such as your IP address, Web browser software used and referring website/source (website or source which has link to our website) reaches automatically to us from the computer you use to visit our website.

The above list is not exclusive as we may need to ask for other details depending upon the nature of your purpose for accessing our website or using our services and also on the mode of communication used with us.

Why is gathering your personal information necessary?

It is necessary for us to know your personal information in order to make you avail of the services provided by us and facilitate online booking with you.

How do we use your information?

We use the information collected by us for following reasons:

With whom do we share your information?
         1. Suppliers (Service providing companies):

         Airlines, Railways, Hotels, Car rental, Insurance companies and suppliers of other services need to have your information for making reservations. By using our services, you give your consent to this information being shared with them. As they are not bound by our privacy policy and rules, the confidentiality of your information stored with them is subjected to their privacy policy and rules.

         2. Third-Party Contractors:

         The following activities are carried out by third-party contractors or companies on our behalf and we provide your information to them. By using our services, you give your consent to this information being shared with them.

         We make sure that they do not use your information for the purpose other than providing services.

         3. Business Partners:

             Your information related to bank account such as net banking details, credit card details and debit card details has to be presented to the bank with you have your account in order to receive payment. This is done to avoid defaulters.

             This is one example; there can be other business partners as well. The privacy of your information shared with them is subject to their privacy policies.

Other than the ones mentioned above, we may need to share your information with someone for some lawful purpose.

Transfer of your information to International parties

Depending upon your purpose and type of services needed, we may have to transfer some or all of your personal information to third parties situated out of this country.

         It is necessary to:
How do you update your information?

You can access and modify your information stored with us by signing in to your account on our website. It is always recommended to have your latest details in your account and for this you must make required changes in situations of change in contact address or telephone number, email address etc.

If you notice that the information about you that is stored with us is incorrect or incomplete, you can contact us to take the appropriate steps.

How do we protect your information?

We ensure that the information that you have provided us with utmost trust does not get in the wrong hands.

We use latest security and data encryption features for the safety and privacy of your personal information.

However, due to technical issues such as virus attacks, website hacks or any other thing or due to unscrupulous people, if your personal information is viewed by someone by whom it should not be, we cannot be held liable.

External Sources

Our website has links to other sources including but not limited to websites, blogs and advertisements. While accessing these sources, if you share any personal information, then that is subject to their privacy policy.


This website uses cookies and so to use this website effectively you need to have the cookies enabled on the computer you are using.

If you have any concerns related to our privacy policy feel free to contact us.

Modifications in the privacy Policy

We can make changes in this privacy policy at any point of time and without any prior notice to you.

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