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About Australian Capital Territory
Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory previously known as Yass Canberra which is the political entity of Australia comprising Canberra the territorial, national capital and the land surrounded. The Australian territory falls mostly within the southern district of New South Wales in Southern Australia.

Climatic condition

The temperature is quite low in winters whereas most of the part of mountains is covered with snow. In winters night frost occurs when the days are generally sunny and often warm. 630 mm or 25 inches is average annual precipitation which fairly evenly distributed throughout the year. In the mountains rainfall is very much greater and averaging amount above 60 inches a year.


The Australian Capital Territory is mostly a city state; there is a very less contribution to the economy from the backward or rural areas. Mostly the jobs in government services and nearly half of them rely on government purchases. With changes in the rate of increment in government employment and in the construction activities funded by the government, the economy fluctuates as per the changes. The central government has adopted measures to attract more private industries and began to minimize direct recruitment in government services. It has led to the increase in private employment. The rate of employment is quite high in the country i.e. above the national average.

There is an organized system of education where the children between the ages of about 5 and 18 years study in private and public, primary and secondary school. Nearly half of high school, two thirds of secondary colleges and about three fifth of primary schools registrations are in Government schools and more than half of the remaining students are in Roman Catholic schools. College of Secondary Education provides predesigned manner to facilitate to move or change from Secondary School to higher education or will work during the last 2 years of government secondary schooling. A very big portion of students in Canberra attend preschools than mostly in Australia. Trade and paraprofessional education is provided in Canberra Institute of Technology in a wide range.

Health and welfare

Australian Capital Territory is also well known for its health services being rendered to people, the grade and standard of health services is in a wide range and is also very high with special needs welfare services are being provided in a greater range.


National portrait gallery - This wonderful portrait gallery explains the story of Australia through its faces and occupying a flash new purpose. A built building from wax cameos of indigenous Australians to colonial portrait of the nations funding families. National gallery of Australia - This is an extraordinary art collection within the parliamentary precinct. Every big, famous name you could think from Australia from past to present is portrayed and represented. A deeply symbolic and graceful piece of architecture Australian’s national parliament building was opened in1988. It was embedded or set in Australian soil soaring 81m high flagpole.

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