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History of New Zealand

About the history of New Zealand, the most interesting factor is that it is the last habitable piece of land that has been discovered in the world. The history of this land rolls back to 700 years from now when Polynesians discovered and settled in New Zealand. They brought a new culture called Māori culture which was centered on kinship links and land. A Dutch navigator names Abel Tasman was the first European to spot New Zealand on 13th December 1642.


Situated in South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a country surrounded by water on all sides. It is located on the south west of Polynesia. The biggest neighboring country that New Zealand has is Australia which is around 1600 km away. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington and the largest urban area is Auckland. The country is mainly marked between northern and southern Island.


The economy of New Zealand is mainly based on agricultural and dairy products with the country being 53rd national economy in the world measured by nominal gross domestic product and 68th on the basis of PPP.

Population and culture

The present population of New Zealand stands at 4.693 million people with majority being European descendants followed by people of Maori group. There are also Asian and pacific inhabitants. New Zealand is a place of multiple culture whose citizens are very open minded and welcome everyone with love and care.


New Zealand mostly experiences temperate climate with subtropical at far north in summer and weather drop to about -10 degree centigrade in the inland Alpine areas of south island in winter. There is mild temperature in the coastline.

Places to visit in New Zealand and things to do

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