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Till date planet Earth is the only planet where life has been found and is habitable because of the support that Mother Nature has provided. The air has oxygen and the most wonderful gift of God is water that makes survival possible. It is a part of the solar system with the Earth rotating around the Sun and revolving around its own axis.


The world is oval in shape with two polar caps at the top and bottom namely North Pole and South Pole. The world has seven continents namely Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica. These continents are the landmasses on which life exists. Apart from the continents, there are five oceans forming the majority of water bodies of the world namely Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Antarctic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean. One can find mountains, grasslands, forests, plateaus, deserts and much more. There are urban settlements with cities witnessing the best form of scientific advancements and then again there are villages which still have the raw essence of nature.

Famous countries in the world

1. United States - United States is enlisted as one of the leading superpowers in the world with the nation displaying highest form of living standard and offering employment opportunities to citizens of other nations. They have one of the fastest growing economies and house some of the leading brands in the world. They have a very open culture today which is adopted in different other nations. This country has experienced the biggest technical advancement in the last decade.

2. United Kingdom - This small island country has changed the history of many other countries and shaped their present form. In history, there has been several points where the United Kingdom ruled over 1/3rd of the world. Their parliament is known as the mother of all parliaments and the country has strict law and order with the citizens being ardent follower of good discipline. Their language is the most used language all round the world and London is the most visited city in the world. This country has given birth to most number of sports and has great taste in music.

3. France - Whenever you visit France it is as if you are going for a dream trip. Amazing landscapes will invite you with open arms and the villages till date showcase amazing architecture of the medieval time. France is a country that is known to break all stereotypes and has an amazing way of life. Their food is famous all round the world. This country has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world

4. China - China has the highest population in the world. They have delicious food and amazing art work. This is one of the few countries in the world that has been successful in adapting a lifestyle where amalgamation of traditional practices along with modern amenities has been made possible. Nature has been bountiful in gifting this country with some of the best mountain side.

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