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The geography of Schengen area is the most interesting part. It is of common knowledge that various countries of Europe have opened their border for free transportation without any checking. This happened after the Schengen agreement, a treaty that was signed in 1985 and has expanded to become a law of the European Union.

The total area of the countries that signed the treaty is called Schengen area. For the ease of understanding of international travelers, this area is termed as a country with the name Schengen.


High amount of immigration happens in Schengen area which contributes to around 1% increase in economy. The countries around Schengen border also benefit from the fact that border control is removed which leads to decrease in travel tariff thereby inviting more and more people to move into this place.

Population and culture

Schengen has a population of around 400 million people with 1.3 billion crossing the Schengen border every year. 1.7 million people commute to different parts of Europe on a daily basis for work.

As for culture, it is a common practice in Schengen to welcome guests with open arms and make their stay a memorable one with love and care.


The climate of Schengen is mostly warm and temperate with 9.7 degree as the average temperature. Even in the driest months, this place experiences significant rainfall. This place also experiences moderate rainfall with the average fall being 751 mm.

Places to visit in Schengen

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