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Factors which make Australia famous

Australia presents natural beauty at its peak with serenity and tranquility. The beaches, bushes and outback add to the beauty and make this landmass more attractive. It is a unique and diverse country in different aspects like culture, population, climate, geography and history.

Population and culture

Australia houses around 23.6 million people which witnesses amalgamation of multiple cultures and races. The states with high density of people are Sydney, Melbourne, New South Wales, Brisbane, Perth and Victoria. An interesting factor is that the coastline of Australia witnesses the majority of population whereas the inner zone is not so populated. With huge diversity in the population, Australia showcases a very vibrant, energized, innovative and forward nature towards their guests.


Australia as a country or continent is surrounded by water on all sides with Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean on either side. The country has a coastline of 36735 km and the country itself stretches from east to west with 4000 km and from north to south with 3200 km. With such massive landmass, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world in account of landmass. The Tasman Sea separates Australia from New Zealand at the south east. The Coral Sea is located in the north east with Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Indonesia being the northern neighbors of the country. Many forest lands have been deforested for the purpose of growing crops but flora and fauna thrives in the national parks and sanctuaries.


The first inhabitants of Australia are believed to have come to this land some 50000 to 60000 years ago from some place in Asia. The migrants were Aboriginal people. Captain James Cook is believed to have discovered Australia in 1770, Portuguese had seen this landmass first and the Dutch people had explored the coastal line. First Australian settlement from Europe happened in 1788.


Almost all throughout the year, Australia experiences temperate climate. While the northern states experience warm climate, the southern states are comparatively cooler but it is never uncomfortably cold. The ice capped high mountains of Australia present an opportunity for skiing in the south of New South Wales and Victorian resorts especially designed for skiing.


Australia has a prosperous economy with Western style capitalist economy. Industries like tourism, financial services and education form the major contributors to Australia’s Gross Domestic Product. The primary industries are agriculture and mining with the country exporting iron ore, coal, wheat, beef and wool.

The industry which provides employment to huge part of the population of the country is tourism. This industry generated revenue of about $73 billion and that accounts for at least 11% of the exports.

Places to visit in Australia
Main attractions of Australia

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