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Famous countries in Asia

1. Japan - Being an island country in the east of Asia, Japan is one of the most attractive countries in this continent. Being technically ahead, the only natural hindrance that Japan experiences is the frequent earthquakes. Other than that this country has great lifestyle with high literacy rate and very low crime rate. The air in Japan is very clean imparting its citizens long life span.

2. South Korea - South Korea is rich in culture and the country has great taste in music. The citizens are very warm and hard working people. This is one of those countries that bear great history of fighting various invasions. They too have witnessed several technical advancements.

3. India - As the saying goes “East or West India is the best”, this country truly displays diversity at its best. There is huge diversity in language, culture, food, religion, communities and various other aspects yet the country proudly stands united. They have one of the best cricket teams in the world along with the fastest growing economy. One of the leading space programs in the world is from India. They have a fast developing textile industry along with various architectural wonders.

4. Philippines - It is a beautiful country with beautiful people who are both hardworking and accommodating. They have got some of the finest beaches in the world and food which has won hearts all round the world.

5. Singapore - If you are a fan of warm weather, then Singapore is the best place to visit for you. This land witnesses amalgamation of culture from various races. Singaporean food is world famous and this country has innumerable places for entertainment of tourists. There are separate places to have fun with kids too.

6. China - Being the most populous state, China has the fastest growing economy. The Great Wall of China is a must watch.


Asia is located in the northern and eastern hemisphere. It is the largest continent in the world with an area of 44,579,000 square kilometers. It covers 30% of Earth’s total land area and houses majority of the population of the world. It has Pacific Ocean in the east, Indian Ocean in the south and Arctic Ocean in the north. The west has Suez Canal and Ural mountains. Asia houses about 48 countries and share landmass with Europe. The continent has everything right from desert to river to sea to plateau.


With such vast expansion of landmass it is only natural for Asia to experience the most diverse climate all throughout the year. They have arctic and subarctic in Siberia. Southern India and Southeast Asia experience tropical climate. Heavy rainfall can be witnessed in eastern and southern countries of Asia.

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