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About Victoria

Victoria is a blend of new and old world experiences. Victoria is an island destination that provides the tourists an escape from beams with ambiance as well as hurried world. It is a doorway or path to majestic and beautiful island to Vancouver which is a tourism award winner and a regular travel. It is one of the best islands in the country, on the continent and in the world. If one wants to visit beyond the city of experience then Victoria is that specific landing place with island, surrounding lands and waters where you can enjoy driving, flying, sailings with informative guided tour of Victoria. An island destination Victoria’s has wealth of diverse region and attraction blended with compact area, coastline, pristine beaches, national parks with wildlife, lakes and mountains including Victoria’s unique landscapes.

Seasons and climate

The climatic condition varies from across the state. North side faces drier and warmer weather as compared to south. In summers the climate is warm and hot, wild in autumn whereas crisp in winter and cool in spring season.


Victoria host few most prominent and impressive events throughout the year in Australia. Spring racing carnival culminating in Melbourne is one among such events. There are many other included in the list such as Australian Open Tennis, Melbourne food and wine festival, Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, International Jazz, films and writers festival etc. blockbuster exhibitions are also hosted by Victoria from all over the world.


There are cultural heritage and architecture with elegant gardens, built following the discovery of gold. There are also aboriginal cultural landmarks and landscapes continue to connect indigenous Australians from South Eastern Australia.

Education system

The public schooling system started in 1905, before then only private secondary schools were present and now in recent times of Victorian school education comprises of 7 years of primary schooling and 6 years of secondary school. 17 years of aged children has an option for final years of secondary education. At the age of 5 or 6 Victoria students usually begin their schooling. Victorian Certificate of Education is given to students when they completed their secondary education. The school in Victoria is either privately or publicly funded.


The state Victoria has the second largest economy in the country Australia. The two largest income producing sector are Insurance and financial, whereas social and healthcare sector is the biggest employer.

Some of the best tourist destinations in the Victoria region:

Melbourne Cricket ground is a spiritual and holy home of Australian cricket as well as the Australian football league. It has a capacity of approximately 100,000 having a massive of more than 3.5 million excitable fans passing the gates every year.

Melbourne Museum has indigenous cultures, environment and science. It comprises celebrating Victoria’s local Koorie culture in Bunjilaka. If one visit the museum shops there is a unique variety of books, toys and games with well crafted and souvenirs.

Port of Euhuca discovery Centre is a destination which attracts the tourists to come and walk of Euhuca’s river pioneers.

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