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About Northern Territories
About Northern Territories

The northern territory is a large, expands from the centre of Australia’s map, close to Uluru and the town of Alice Springs, to the coast of Darwin and the islands in the neighbourhood. Though it has vast geographical area, it is not considered as a state but a territory because of its less population. You will find territorians to be the friendliest folk which give a village feel. Great ethnic cultures give thrilling art practices, old storytelling and ancient spiritual culture, and varied national parks offer beautiful landscapes.

Northern territory is a fun above all, to gamble beyond Australia’s cities to the outback of the red centre and can experience the ordinary travel. There is an unhurried capital of northern territory Darwin, which have a balmy nights, outdoor adventures and colourful character. It has a strong Asian influences, especially in the energetic food scene and night markets. There is also vibrant aboriginal art that fill’s the city with museums and galleries.

The Australia’s northern territory proffers thee visitors and tourists the chance to experience to enjoy the rugged Australia’s adventurous activities. Darwin also has a sensational food with bursting city’s dining hub, fabulous restaurants with Italian pizza at a waterfront eatery, one can alos book a five star degustation dinner or can try a laksa that tastes just as it would serve from a Malaysian warung.

There is another marvellous place is kakadu national park with exceptional natural beauty and unique biodiversity and is also known as the home of aboriginal rock art sites. It has exotic landscapes and also has an abundance of native wildlife.


According to the latest reviews and outcome from the Times Higher Education Ranking Charles Darwin University in the top 2 of the universities internationally, it is recommended as the University of Present Era assembled on social justice, creativity and communal exertions. A place where one can achieve and follow their passion to make things better. Being an international university, students, academic, staff and research activities are globally.


The climate of NT experiences high temperature between Octobers to march is near about 35° C during the day whereas the minimum is around 20° C. However during winters the temperature ranges to 25°C, falling to 0°C overnight. While the northern part faces tropical monsoon climate and therefore there is a dry season and a wet season.

Housing and living accommodation

In Australia’s northern territories housing styles differ significantly. There are varying from large houses or apartments to a more flexible and compact living. The houses and apartments are enclosed with living areas, verandas and swimming pools and there are some having tropical gardens with shrubbery and greenery.


A most ethnically and traditionally diverse places the northern territory have in its treasure box, whereas having religious, social organizations and approximately near about 100 nationalities. Freedom of religion and mutual respect are an essential and primary part of the northern territory’s shared culture and along with that also comprises of Islamic mosque and other temples and churches.

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