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About New South Wales
About New South Wales

New South Wales consists of boundless beaches, magnificent natural beauties and treasures. It is one of the world’s most popular and lively cities. The vivacious capital city of Sydney is the ground for discovering New South Wales. Explore the well-preserved beaches through the east coast of a visit the oldest wine region and beautiful deserts of Australia by road. You can see it for few days are a few weeks that’s the man main reason among all the states in Australia, New South Wales is mostly visited. One can experience the natural beauty of Sydney, from pristine beaches to outstanding public garden and also the shimmering harbour before exploring its blooming restaurants and market place. You can also enjoy the trip to the blue mountain which is extremely popular among the locals.

With a blue Skyline of eucalyptus trees that seems to stretch limitless, appears to be charmed by the exceptional beauty of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. You can walk along the walking tracks to discover and experience the local bushland, spectacle rock formations and also discover underground caves on a vacation placed near the outdoors. Enjoy the imaginary stories told by the local guides and esteem the work of inhabitant artists before leaving to extravagant retreat encircled by desert. When you move towards the Hunter Valley, which is two hours north of Sydney, also don’t forget to bring your hunger with you. This world popular wine is best known for its magnificent restaurants, which offer superb dining in traditional building as well as in elegant rural surroundings. This area is also popular for its relaxed country atmosphere, but there is a depraved dessert piece for people who love things complex and sweet.

Food and Restaurants

Hunter Valleys EXP restaurants provide most delicious and advantageous dining experience. Black garlic risotto with cauliflower and cheddar are one of the best dines and dished with extraordinary honey-drenched brioche filled with blue cheese custard. Golden Fish bar and kitchen is just a famous crispy thin crust pizza another fabulous dish is braised lamps shoulder and potatoes option.


rugged area west of Sydney is a blue mountain in Australia’s New South Wales. It is well renowned for its dramatic scenery, eucalyptus forests, waterfalls, cliffs, and many other things to look for. One of the major town areas which border Blue Mountains National Park is Katoomba. It is also known for its eucalyptus haze over them, encircled and enclosed with Wollemi National Park. There are best scenic landing place featuring rigorous and simple trails which leads to a waterfall and picnic area. Robert Moline has done a lot to beautify the hunter Valley dining scenes, as the first restaurant was opened by him for decades ago. Even at this age, when many have retired or planning for retiring, Moline is still going on with his recent investments, Bisto Molines, which represent his provincial roots. You can enjoy watching Wales from the Shore which gives an outstanding wine, as sometimes the whales swim into the bay along with their young ones.

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