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Who We Are

We stand right in front of you to save you from the lengthy maze of procedures and regulation for migrating to foreign countries, to act on behalf of you from submitting the confusing application forms and to help you choose the right visa category which suits your requirement. As we work together under one roof with a group of authorized and regulated immigration lawyers and consultants, we make it possible for you to navigate to your desired destination without any risk of refusals. We are associated and affiliated with immigration legal firms and consultants since decades which makes us possible to deliver you the most reliable and highest services standards for all kinds of migration programs with not just facilitating.

To choose the right visa subclass from over 100 visa categories is a challenging task and in fact risky. Why take the risk when we are here to be responsible for your future? We have our core specialization in permanent residency visa for countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. With our expertise, we help you smoothen the process and complete the application on time by reducing the refusal risk to 0% for we make sure we pick the qualifying candidates which meets the eligibility requirements. Don’t panic if you are not qualified, we have other programs for you where we will fit you in! Don’t get confused anymore and stop your hunt here. Send your updated resumes for your free eligibility assessment.

Core Values


The way we gather share and exploit our knowledge is one of the key point to our ability to develop successfully. Work experience provides many benefits, giving you skills and experience that will allow you to identify how we are different from others. We are established with the sole purpose of catering our client’s needs to individuals seeking for services. With the organization being in the business for over a decade, Easy Can Immigration has established itself as a major brand in this domain. We aim at directing our wealth of expertise and experience towards optimizing performance in every aspect of your requirement and expectations. We have the experience and depth in areas to ensure that our clients gain the advantage they need. To thrive in today's advanced world, our team is equipped with an array of skills. Strategic decision-making, operational efficiency and performance drivers are just few of the elements that are constantly on our minds to deliver your requirements. We keep our self clear about what we know and how we make it useful for you. We expand what we are known for strategically. In our many years of multi-tasking, we have always been drawn to working with experienced professionals and specialist. We are determined and are ever ready to share the best skill and guidance that focuses on channels and alliances as a part of what we do.


When it comes to having a successful process, there's no substitute for hard work. And hard work comes when there is a good leadership. All successful organizations and businesses need effective leaders. It has been said that without leadership, all other business elements lie dormant. A leaderless organization is like an army without generals. Leadership is the major factor that makes everything work together seamlessly. Leadership acts as the catalyst that makes all other elements work together. Our leaders have the necessary tools and skills to inspire and impact our teams allowing us to run competently and smoothly. We all have to scramble to fill a bunch of roles usually designated for whole departments in larger organizations. Yet, working when you can, where you can, ensures that people aren’t pigeonholed into set hours and tasks. The end of every year is the opportunity reflects on a 365 day journey. We brought in a record of over 98% new successful applicants within the promised timeline. We have developed excellent long-term relationships with our clients, maintaining ongoing services and facilitating options to your inquiries. Developed and implemented strategic objectives to ensure achievement of goals and a high level of our client satisfaction. We have consistently achieved high rankings in successful applications.


Honesty is the best policy! Honest practices inspire clients with respect for our mission and helps build a foundation of trust. When it comes to we delivering our services, we only deliver what we can effectively and always living up to our goal not just words. When we tell ourselves that we need to do tasks we don’t like, we end up creating jobs we don’t enjoy. Long-term relationships are critical to the success of any client or customer driven services. The costs of acquiring our clients make retaining these relationships vital to our success. To treat our clients with honesty, trust, fairness and respect help us tremendously in contributing to the success in our relationships with our clients. In the world of today, trust is one of the important elements, especially when it comes to relationships with our clients in your operation. It is true that any type of relationship without trust is not really a relationship at all. Our success is dependent upon a network of positive relationships. We understand that you are looking for someone whose level of competence inspires trust and our reputation is paramount, and your honesty and integrity must be impeccable. We ensure that whatever information you share, we handle it with the utmost respect and confidentiality.


Each and every member of our team is handpicked for their knowledge and expertise and above these our team believes in consistency. We don’t believe only in working hard but we do believe in consistent work as well. Because we jump right in and get going. We satisfy our clients with our high quality services delivered end to end. Consistency is more about sustainability than it is about speed and therefore we make sure we stand for you on every stages of your application and tackle every challenge and move step by step leading us to successful completion of your application. Success comes from a combination of momentum and hard work – and the momentum comes from consistency. It is a road map for each area of our goal, but it's a road with every successful application we have processed for you and your being in the desired country. The quality of our results depends not on merely doing something, but on taking intentional action that fits our end goal. We believe our reputation precedes you. Because of our outstanding success rate, people appreciate that and remember it. Our reputation is everything since referrals and recommendations is what we are made of which makes consistency is our obvious priority.


We operate in a culture that is characterized by social transparency. Transparency produces trust. Who can trust a company or person who doesn’t disclose information, who keeps everything close to the vest, who doesn’t share anything? Transparency is obviously a buzzword. It sounds great just to say it but much harder to actually do transparency in the day-to-day work. You can’t really be familiar with us unless there’s some level of transparency. As you get to know us, you develop an increasing sense of transparency with us, and we towards you. Keeping workflow transparent and obvious to everyone within the company is vital. We believe that transparency is important when sharing basic information and data, yet the importance of transparency in the decision-making process is frequently overlooked. The more you know, the better we can work as a team. When you have the opportunity to see and understand how we operates behind the scenes and the processes that are involved in all of our operations, that’s when we demonstrate integrity. We make you feel like you will be associating with us that is aligned with our values. We are not only transparent in terms of our operation and related to the services and process but financially as well. When financial statements are not transparent, you can never be sure about our real fundamentals and true risk.


As we are acting on behalf of you and representing your application to the concerned authority on your behalf, we need to hold a range of your information. It is essential to ensure that your information is protected and as secure as possible and we understand our responsibilities towards your data protection and security. We carry out risk evaluation to ensure that security systems are in place to protect your data. We do not keep data for longer than necessary for the purpose that we intend to use the data for. One of the main key point of this principle is the requirement to securely update, archive and delete data not only securing them. Once we deliver our services to you, we make sure we destroy your data safely. We also make sure to protect against data damage, destruction and accidental loss, so proper security procedures cannot be underestimated. We make you feel welcome and wanted, while ensuring also that your privacy and confidential data remains intact. Outstanding customer service is the need of the hour – and a very critical and major part of this kind of service is data protection. We make sure we protect the right to safety, right to be informed, right to be heard, right to choose, and right to seek redressal and right to consumer.

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